Couple planning their wedding

5 Reasons to Use a Wedding Planner

Why Use a Wedding Planner The proposal has happened, it is something you had been counting down to since you can remember. After the initial excitement of being newly engaged wears off, your thoughts turn to your wedding day. The wedding day you have envisioned since you were young. You have it all pictured in your mind - the dress, the decor, the rings, the shoes, the venue. But you have no idea where to start. You know exactly what the end product will be and no idea how to get there. This is something every prospective bride or groom experiences, especially...Read More

Wedding Trends 2019 – 5 Finishing Touches

The 2019 Wedding Trend - Pampas Grass and Living Coral I have fallen in love with the 2019 wedding trend in a big way!  Possibly, I can even go as far as saying I think this trend was created for me as it incorporates generally most of the things that I love.   The trend is all about being bold, colourful and bright, rustic, elegant, simplicity, and when all these elements are fused together I’m left felling with a romantic collision of excellence.   Lets take a look at the trend in more details 5 Finishing Touches Pampas and Flowers Bring the...Read More

6 Calligraphy Facts – Why Use Calligraphy?

Calligraphy Celebration I recently met up - in the loose sense with the lovely Helene, Director of Smitten With Ink - Over FaceTime with coffee on a cold December day wrapped in blankets we spoke about all things Calligraphy and how we could help future clients understand the handwritten artform and incorporate this ancient art into their traditional or modern event. As an Event Consultant, I always receive requests for stationery or need stationery for my client's events.  Like printed stationery, Calligraphy is available in many beautiful handwritten scripts on a variety of paper types and textures however the price tag is not...Read More

How to set a formal dinner table

When having guests over for a spectacular meal, take your time and remember the fine details. Present your table with a little attention. Clean your table before dressing, visions of a breadcrumbed, sticky table with a lovely clean table cloth is not nice! Ensure the tablecloth/napkins -if using- are clean and crease free. If necessary iron before hand. Cutlery, there are so many different ways to present your cutlery. No one wants watermarked cutlery, get a soft cloth and wipe marks away. A glass for water is a must, include a glass for wine. ensure they are smear and watermark free....Read More

Why use an Event Consultant?

The number One question. Event Consultants; save you money. The cost of paying a consultant, can be seen as an unnecessary expense; until you receive your final bill, realising you've spent over your predicted budget and could potentially be paying for your wedding long after the special day. Event Consultants seek out and work with a variety of suppliers. We connect the clients with knowledgeable, professional individuals, who fully understand their talents. If you need an Event Consultant to assist you with your event contact us: Book: By Appointment Only Mobile: 07594 832 085 | Email: