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Our On the Day Coordinator service is designed for couples who prefer to plan their own Special Day but need professional help on the run up to and on the day itself.

From managing the day’s timeline to making sure all the suppliers are accounted for or transforming the venue, by having a On the Day Coordinator gives the couple time to relax and enjoy the Special Day.

  • We liaise with suppliers prior the wedding day.
  • We create a personalised timeline for your event.
  • Highly embellished and delicate fabrics are steamed on the day to remove any wrinkles.
  • Direct the event to ensure the day flows smoothly and on time.
  • Collect and distribute the ceremony items.
  • Should a problem arise, it is dealt with promptly!
  • The venue transformed into a spectacular dream.
  • Your gifts are monitored and placed in a secured location.
  • We can provide reliable professional suppliers.

Bridal Preparation

On the day we create a calm, serene atmosphere!

A professional Dresser prepares the Bridal Gown by steaming; removing any wrinkles which may occur during transportation.

Finally, after the make-up artist and hair stylist have completed their beautiful transformations, the Dresser graciously, assists the Bride into the Bridal Gown; allowing the bride to relax on the day, a perfect start to a perfect day.

Bridal Dress Steaming, Hertfordshire Wedding Planner, Herts Wedding Planner, Party Planning,Party Planner, On the day Coordinator, St. Albans,
Before Gown has been steamed
Bridal Dress steaming, Preparing the bridal gown, herts wedding planner, Hertfordshire wedding planner, wedding dresses, on the day coordinator, Wedding Gown
After Gown has been steamed

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