7 Living Coral [How to Use]

7 Ways To Use Pantone Living Coral In Your 2019 Wedding

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Peachy Orange

There are many mixed feelings about the colour of the year, I love it, that’s what matters for this blog. Colour experts Pantone have given us a peachy orange shade named Living Coral, or Pantone 16-1546, HEX/HTML: FA7268and RGB: 250 114 104 – as the colour of the year for 2019.

Described by Pantone as “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”.

Its time to celebrate, its what makes life fun, its what keeps us interested, its what keeps us going forward so when planning your 2019 wedding here’s the 7 things I would recommend you consider if you choose the colour of the year.


Coloured Wedding Dresses

Who says you need to wear white on your wedding day?  

Bring your personality to your wedding in a coloured wedding dress, with coloured wedding dresses so on trend at the moment, hey why not consider a beautiful Wedding Dress in the Pantone colour of the year 2019.  Your guests will be amazed!


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Set the tone of your special day by creating a beautiful first impression with a luxury plexiglass invitation, delicately dressed with a meter of Living Coral ribbon.  

To complete the beautifully handcrafted design, ask your calligrapher to seal the envelope with a gorgeous personalised Living Coral Wax Seal.   

Table Settings

If hiring tablecloths and napkins in the colour of the year, be prepared this will go quickly, so book early.  

Add a little bit of sparkle it sets a nice glow, consider doing simple wedding favours for your guests and why not ask your calligrapher to personalise these with your guest names or another elegant touch, ask your printer to create personalised Menu Cards. 

These simple touches will keep your guests speaking about your Wedding for a long time.

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Wedding Cake

Cake, I love cake I think everyone loves cake why not carry the Living Coral colour into the traditional tiered Wedding cake. 

Make each tier a different colour and flavour.  

Hey! Go all out or keep it simple ask your cake designer to decorate the cake with hues of Living Coral and create tiers flavoured with Prosecco, Luxury Belgium chocolate or Coconut & Lime.  

Following the cake cutting ceremony, everybody can then have a little piece of this tier and a little bit of that; the guests will all be beaming from ear to ear over the flawless flavour sensations.  



Bubbles & Dessert Table

What to serve, the Living Coral colour will also transcend itself into our food & drinks, so, when thinking about your dessert table consider Living Coral coloured food items such as: delicately flavoured orange blossom macaroons, red velvet cake pops stamped with orange popping candy, orange vanilla glazed doughnut rings or orange & champagne flavoured cheesecake.  

Compliment your desserts by serving drinks beaming in the colour like: Gin with Pink Grapefruit or Prosecco and Rose flavoured Shaved Ice served in a gold rim glass.

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Bouquets & Buttonholes

I love fresh flowers, you can have a simple elegant design or larger more dramatic arrangements as your table centrepiece.  

For a beautiful summer feel consider using Living Coral coloured roses, peonies and coral tinted  hydrangea’s. 

A Living Coral Rose buttonhole will look striking on any mens coloured morning or bespoke tailored suit.

Finishing Touches

Let the Wedding Breakfast begin!

Sparkle is so important, create an amazing table setting, by theming your napkin with your tablecloth in FF6F61; Living Coral to you and me.  

Consider accessorising your tables with statement pieces such as gold or silver charger plates,  gold or silver cutlery and sparkly rimmed glassware or on the other hand keep the colour rustic with ivory and green tones. 

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And finally...

Personally I really like this colour and I think it is going to be a very popular colour in 2019.  I certainly am looking forward to making my clients dreams come true in Living Coral.  

After reading this and you need to be inspired further and not sure where to start, contact us we will be able to help you with the planning of your event.