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KI TAE Mission

KI TAE Event’s mission is to create beautiful, genuine and personal experiences that inspire our clients and their guests. These experiences embodies our client’s events with the significance and joy they deserve.  We pour our hearts into this job. We have a talent for understanding each of our different clients and then planning an event that is an honest reflection of their personality. Our success comes out of our focus on giving and, with that, listening to our client’s individual needs.

Your event will be smart, be it casual or formal, traditional or more unique. Every choice is about experience – unexpected details wake guests up and put them into the room, as does simplicity when well executed. The service, the flow, the entertainment and lighting, every detail small and large – they matter to you and us.

We expect our staff to have autonomy, follow-through and support the mission of the company. A supportive and collaborative environment with open lines of communication, continual learning and forward thinking is paramount. When we put in our best work our events leave clients with very high levels of satisfaction, which is absolutely necessary in a field of work that has ‘one shot’ to get it right.


The process begins with a first consultation that usually takes about an hour. After this first consultation, we will create a proposal and give you a few days to review. The next time we connect at length is often in person. Once you have made the decision to move forward we will send along our welcome document; consisting of a detailed planning timeline and a budget tracker. The planning process will proceed from this point, in the fashion that best suits your schedule, personality and overall needs.



Director and Event Consultant

I love getting to know interesting, genuiningly, funny people. It is a magical thing when two people decide to commit to being on this journey together.

A wedding is a celebration of this moment, and if planned well, it will linger for the rest of their lives. The same can be said for all special events! Seeing a project through to completion is highly rewarding – it is like no other job! 

I have been in the event and hospitality industry for over twenty years. I have worked for airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and Harrods Aviation, doing promotions and ground and cabin crew.
I know what happens behind the scenes for each vendor and have a knack for making each event as cohesive as possible.

I am also very athletic and prefer being outdoors and, if time allowed, I would be doing yoga every day. I am happiest in the sun, at the beach, walking along a country lane or finding a peaceful, serene area away from all the hustle and bustle; just me and the wilderness. Foodie, yes that’s me! I love foods from different cultures, but on saying that I also enjoy my food simple, not fussy, no heavy sauces. I love tasting the natural flavours which permeate food, my motto is, I will try everything at least once – that way I can have a validated opinion about what I like and don’t like.

My favourite moment of a wedding is when the guests all stand, just before the couple walks down the aisle. With other events, my favourite moment is just before the guest arrival and when the clients see their special event ready to go. 

If given an unlimited budget I would create a complete augmented reality event, with a full symphony, amazing lighting spectacular food which excites every taste bud and a few great performances chock-full of meaningful content to reflect the importance and sweetness of the moment. 


On The Day Coordinator

“I love helping to bring clients visions to life. Making a plan come together that exceeds the clients expectations is why I enjoy doing events.

I’m all about the details and that’s why I love working with KI TAE Events as they are all about the finer details. On the clients special day when things are extremely busy, each and every inch of detail for the clients event is still meticulously assessed and taken care of…

Jade Forde, On the Day Coordinator, Event Consultant,

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