RSVP – Reply Please

When you need to change a venue.

Inform the guests, apologise profusely. Request a RSVP.

No event planner wants to change a venue at the last minute. Sometimes this is unavoidable. A tough decision to make:upset a few guests or upset all your guests.  This was our recent dilemma.

With less than 24 hours to an important corporate event; including guest speakers and over 30 members, we were asked by the client to find a larger venue.

Finding a larger venue is not a problem, if the location is the same. However, asking your guests to travel half the way across the city is another issue.

An email was sent to all guests and members, requesting they reply: acknowledging the venue change.  The email was sent a total of five times.  We received four RSVPs. Nightmare!
Does this mean, the speakers and our client will only have four members/guests.

I was astonished the following morning when I arrived at the venue, to see, all our guests there, except one. Everyone mentally acknowledged the change, organised themselves accordingly and turned up at the new venue. Panic over.

Two, RSVPs, came from guests who were unable to attend; due to location.
Two from guests who still respect, RSVP – répondez s’il vous plaît – Reply Please
Only one guest showed up at the original venue.  This guest failed to open the email, until, they were informed by security of the last minute venue change.

Event Consultants take things in their stride; last minute changes are often unavoidable, however, keeping your guests informed of the changes is paramount.
Event Consultants will always request RSVP, however their clients and guests may fail to realise their importance.