5 Reasons to Use a Wedding Planner

Couple planning their wedding

Why Use a Wedding Planner

The proposal has happened, it is something you had been counting down to since you can remember. After the initial excitement of being newly engaged wears off, your thoughts turn to your wedding day. 

The wedding day you have envisioned since you were young. You have it all pictured in your mind – the dress, the decor, the rings, the shoes, the venue. But you have no idea where to start. You know exactly what the end product will be and no idea how to get there. 

This is something every prospective bride or groom experiences, especially those who are getting married for the first time. This is where a wedding planner can be a lifesaver. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at the five reasons you should use a wedding planner for your big day.

The boring Stuff...

Planning a wedding is not all fun and games; there are budgeting and legal aspects to think of too. 

Wedding planners are well versed in this and can help you navigate through the world of legalities and sticking to budgets. 

They can look at what you want from your wedding and adapt your budgeting to match that, something that is far trickier than it sounds, enabling you to have the day of your dreams and not spend above your means.

The stress...

Planning a wedding is stressful, there’s no way around that, other than to hire a wedding planner. 

Wedding planners can deal with your suppliers directly, ensuring your vision is implemented, whilst also preventing any unnecessary stress and confusion. 

The wedding planner can keep things on track with all of your suppliers, allowing you to relax and focus on the more important things.


Did you know that a lot of wedding planners have connections with suppliers and can get you discounted prices, especially with the suppliers they work with relatively often? 

The wedding planners are repeat customers for some suppliers and are therefore valued clients, by working closely with suppliers you are often able to see discounts here and there throughout the process.

Supporting your vision...

Whilst many suppliers will be dealing with multiple clients in a short period of time, maybe even on the same day as your wedding, with your wedding planner, their focus will solely be upon you. 

They can liaise with suppliers throughout your special day, and during the build-up, to keep things as they should be, in line with your vision.

The BIG day!

Wedding planners are the most valuable tool in your arsenal on the big day itself. 

They will be on hand to coordinate the whole shebang. 

This includes everything from setting up the venue, to flipping it from the ceremony to the reception, to dealing with suppliers.

This allows you to concentrate on you and your new husband or wife.


Planning a wedding can be stressful, time-consuming and so very confusing. 

Bringing in a wedding planner can help to make your big day as stress-free and true to your vision as possible. 

They know the tricks of the trade and can support you and your fiance through the whole thing. It is really important not to underestimate just how useful wedding planners can be, they are superheroes without capes, believe me!