How to set a formal dinner table

When having guests over for a spectacular meal, take your time and remember the fine details.

Present your table with a little attention. Clean your table before dressing, visions of a breadcrumbed, sticky table with a lovely clean table cloth is not nice!cutlery in a formal table setting
Ensure the tablecloth/napkins -if using- are clean and crease free. If necessary iron before hand.

Cutlery, there are so many different ways to present your cutlery. No one wants watermarked cutlery, get a soft cloth and wipe marks away.

A glass for water is a must, include a glass for wine. ensure they are smear and watermark free.

Centrepieces set the mood and style. Use a collection of candles for elegance or flowers to add colour and fragrance or make create a theme with your centrepiece.

A little time over the details will leave your guests marveling at your attempts, creating a lasting impression and leave them speaking about your event for weeks.