6 Wedding Costs To Consider…

The True Cost of a Wedding

A recent national survey by bridebook.co.uk mentioned the average UK wedding costs £33, 350 I wonder if you think this sounds like “wow that’s a lot”, let’s take a look and see what do couples get for their cash.

Wedding Venue

Large mansion and greenery in Bedfordshire for wedding venue


The cash splash usually starts here with venues ranging anything from £115 – £180pp depending on where you are in the UK. So, for 100 guests you’ve already spend anything between £8,000 – £18,000, this gets you a beautiful wedding venue with palatial grounds,  welcome drinks; Prosecco and something non alcoholic,  4 choices of canapés a 3 course Wedding Breakfast complete with tea & coffee and optional petit fours and not lets not forget the elegant complimentary bridal suite, which overlooks the palatial grounds.

Remember an additional suite may be needed if your partner is also getting dressed at the venue.

Flowers [Centrepieces]


If you are considering a lavish Wedding Venue, then you need to go all out on the flowers and possibly the finishing touches.   “Wedding flowers for the venue can start at around  £150 per centrepiece, this depends on the type of flower used, whether it is in season, Yes, I am aware smaller centrepieces won’t set the client back as much but if you go with palatial it would be offensive not to go luxury on the centrepiece.”  Andreea from Your Flower Story London

Let’s calculate; ten tables with luxury flowers £1500.  Let’s not forget, bouquet, buttonholes, bridesmaids bouquets, flower girl bouquets, pew ends arrangements on window sills, the list can go on…let’s round it up to around £3,500.

This figure can be so much more depending on the flowers you choose, the season and the floral designer you’re working with.

Wedding table flower arrangement


Wedding Attire

Bride and groom sitting on steps holding flowers

Did someone say Couture? I mean after all it is for a very special day…so why not?  A handcrafted Vera Wang silk wedding dress starts at around £4.000, however, considering the budget there are many more reasonably priced options available;  the  Bride books statisticians say the average wedding dress starts outside London at £1,385, for those within the capital the average price for the wedding dress will set you back about £1,677.

Menswear this should be a tad more reasonably priced.

I am a big fan of Cad and the Dandy who pride themselves as tailors and shirtmakers.  Let’s say the groom-to-be opts to go for a bespoke traditional Tails, Dinner, or bespoke wedding attire, well this is going to set you back a pretty penny.  It’s not necessary to go bespoke for your groomsmen this is where its possible to reign in the finances, a morning suit can be hired from around £276.

Shoes, accessories; such as ties, pocket squares, cufflinks etc…these are not included in this price so add another £230.

Wedding Stationary

This is the first indications your friends and family will be aware you are getting married,  and fortunately, there is a stationer for everyone’s needs.

The stationery you choose is the attention-grabbing luxury item which says “this is what to expect on our wedding day”…Getting the theme, look & feel right at this stage gives everyone an opportunity to envisage what the day itself.

If you are considering going bespoke remember Stationers have to create a bespoke press just for you; therefore, the most cost-efficient way of buying bespoke Wedding Stationary is to purchase all the items in one go.  Therefore if you return to them in 6 months time asking for your menu cards and table plan it will cost you more as a new press will need to be created.

There is a stationer for every budget, so if hand painted, foiled, embellished or gold leaf and completely bespoke is your thing be prepared to spend about 5% of your overall budget – around £1500-£2200,  off the shelf wedding stationery packages are available and will set you back around £500.

Items traditionally brought all together: Day and Evening Invitations, Menu Cards, Place Cards, Table plan, other signage; guest book, confetti etc

Wedding invitation letter and envelope


Laura Ashley Manor Hotel Fusion Summer Wedding



Exceptional photographers get booked months in advance – generally after the wedding venue has been booked, therefore if you have a photographer in mind for your wedding day start planning over a year in advance.  I have heard from some photographers, they have had  clients book the photographer  first and the venue after.

Due to the nature of their work being seasonal exceptional London Wedding Photographer can command prices from £1200, I must emphasise this is generally their starting price and is dependent on the package you choose. Your photography budget, complete with elegant album can set you back about £3000

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are a work of art and this is reflected in their price.

With on average 18 hours going into any cake and quality ingredients you can start to appreciate why they cost so much.

London Cake Designer Ria from Buttermilks Cakes  mentioned, “Fondant covered cake, 3 tiered flavoured sponge cake, feeding 100 guests, can start from £550.  If the couple require bespoke hand crafted details like: flowers, ruffles, embellishments etc this will add to the budget,” additionally when a client adds a fruit cake tier to their order, this  doesn’t come cheap either.

The average cost of cake with design will most likely end up costing more like £800, the more layers and detailing the more the cake will cost.

Wedding cake cost


Beach-front property with palm trees and chairs

And Finally…

This is what the national average budget will get you for your very special day and there are so many other items still to go:

Bar Tab,Videography, Wedding Bands ,Wedding Transport, Hair and Makeup

I hope this has given you a transparent view of what you can get for your cash based on the national statistics.

I really hope this has helped.


A newlyweds downtime and you will want it as relaxing as possible, couples wanting downtime in a non-European destination will have to part with their ideal honeymoon starting at around £5K for 10 nights.  Honeymooning in Seychelles in May you can expect to pay around £5K  this will get you a 4-5* hotel on half board bases, 7 hours of sun, white sand and translucent warm beaches.

This is a starting point as  Liz Don at Holidays Please  mentioned most honeymoon couples really go all out on their honeymoon. I have had couples spend over £10k on their fortnight away.”