I need to cancel my wedding venue

I need to cancel my wedding venue contract

Why I need to cancel my wedding venue contract We had booked our venue for 6th November 2022. Sadly we have now split up and broken off our engagement; due to his infidelity. I contacted our venue to see if I could have a refund; deducting any admin fees etc. They are refusing to give a refund, despite it being 18 months away from the proposed date; they are citing non-refundable as written in their terms and conditions, however, I have not signed the contract. I kept meaning to, but just never got around to it. Is there any way...Read More
How Many wedding photographers do I need

How Many Wedding Photographers Do I Need?

One or Two Photographers A Videographer Or All Of Them How many wedding photographers do I need...ONE photographer AND a videographer or would you recommend TWO photographers? In my opinion, it depends on the size of the wedding; small, micro or mini weddings one photographer is fine; I would recommend you speak with the photographer to understand a small wedding. However, if your wedding is larger, a second photographer is a must; to get shots and angles that the first photographer cannot get.    Do You Need A Second Photographer Additionally, a second photographer, you can get the Groom, Ushers and Bridal...Read More
Silk Flowers or Real Flowers

Real or Fake Flowers for Wedding, How to Choose!

Which Flowers? Silk Fake Flowers or Real Fresh Flowers! I'm strongly considering saving money using silk fake flowers at least for the bridesmaid's bouquets, arch decor and boutonnieres, however, I am thinking, I'll still go real flowers on the centrepieces, I don't want to regret it but I am struggling with a decision. Help!Silk floral arrangements are incredibly reasonably priced and depending on your supplier you can create an exact vision of real or fake flowers at your wedding in the style that you want.Is Silk Fake Flowers Cheaper Than Real Flowers?There is a common misconception fresh flowers are pricier...Read More

Wedding Postponed! Postponing Our Wedding Day Again.

Postponed The Wedding Again! We feel guilty about wanting to postpone the wedding again.  We were supposed to get married in April 2020 but we postponed the wedding due to the pandemic. Originally we planned to be getting married this September, but, my partner and I both feel like we’re still getting back up on our feet after a tough year and hardships caused by the pandemic.  Previously we sent out two save the dates from the original date and then again, we postponed it last year. I feel really silly sending out the third one saying; Wedding Postponed or...Read More

Wedding Dress Help! Shall I Try Before I Buy

Wedding Dress Help, Shall I Buy Before I Try? Q. Wedding Dress Help, I'm planning to go Wedding Dress shopping very soon but I have a problem!  Shall I buy before I try? I have a dream Wedding dress, I have a shop that stocks the brand, but they don’t have a sample of the dress to try. Would you recommend take a leap of faith and order the dress without trying it on first? A. Personally, I would strongly advise against buying without trying! Ask the bridal shop if they can order it for you; they can then use this as...Read More

Moving To A New House & Wedding Venue

Moving and My Wedding Venues List! Q. We are planning on getting married in June 2022 and planning a New House Wedding Venue move from the North to South; it's completely a new area for us!  We have a bunch of wedding venues listed that we're interested in, I'm afraid if we don't look soon, we'll be settling for possibly an entirely different month; due to so many Covid wedding reschedules.  We feel we need to start visiting venues by September 21.  How long will it take us to find and book a venue before the wedding? A. I would recommend...Read More
Couple planning their wedding

5 Reasons to Use a Wedding Planner

Why Use a Wedding Planner The proposal has happened, it is something you had been counting down to since you can remember. After the initial excitement of being newly engaged wears off, your thoughts turn to your wedding day. The wedding day you have envisioned since you were young. You have it all pictured in your mind - the dress, the decor, the rings, the shoes, the venue. But you have no idea where to start. You know exactly what the end product will be and no idea how to get there. This is something every prospective bride or groom experiences, especially...Read More

Use Colour Of The Year 2020 Classic Blue

Colour of the Year: Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue An elegant hue to bring class to your wedding. The colour of the year for 2020 is none other than Classic Blue, a colour filled with zeitgeist and dependability, sure to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. Pantone describes Classic Blue as, “A timeless and enduring blue hue… Classic Blue is elegant in its simplicity.”  Whether you are a person who values simplicity, or likes to make a statement, Classic Blue is the wedding trend to embrace in 2020. A Classic Blue Hue As a bride, one of the most...Read More