Wedding Dress Help! Shall I Try Before I Buy

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Wedding Dress Help, Shall I Buy Before I Try?

Q. Wedding Dress Help, I’m planning to go Wedding Dress shopping very soon but I have a problem!  Shall I buy before I try?

I have a dream Wedding dress, I have a shop that stocks the brand, but they don’t have a sample of the dress to try. Would you recommend take a leap of faith and order the dress without trying it on first?

A. Personally, I would strongly advise against buying without trying!

Ask the bridal shop if they can order it for you; they can then use this as a popular sample for another bride.  Alternatively, if they are reluctant to do this, ask the shop owner if they could help find the Wedding Dress from another shop for you; there may be a fee for this.

At least try on something similar when at the shop!  It seems that most brides; myself included, end up going with the opposite of what they thought they wanted. I went wedding dress shopping with an exact dress and style in mind and hated it on me. I dreamt of a full gown and ended up with a straight two-piece. My Best Friend/MOH  pulled a dress off the rack that ticked “absolutely, none of my boxes” and I fell in LOVE with it!

It’s always worth the time, effort and champagne-sipping to get the right dress for this beautiful occasion.