Moving To A New House & Wedding Venue

Ask the Planner

Moving and My Wedding Venues List!

Q. We are planning on getting married in June 2022 and planning a New House Wedding Venue move from the North to South; it’s completely a new area for us! 

We have a bunch of wedding venues listed that we’re interested in, I’m afraid if we don’t look soon, we’ll be settling for possibly an entirely different month; due to so many Covid wedding reschedules. 

We feel we need to start visiting venues by September 21.  How long will it take us to find and book a venue before the wedding?

A. I would recommend starting looking for your Wedding venue asap; if you can manage to get a weekend in the new location all the better? 

Make A Wedding Venue List

If you manage to get a weekend away, plan to visit as many of the venues on your list as possible, prioritise the venues; taking availability, capacity, budget and the grounds; if you are taking pictures onsite into consideration. 

Create An Appointment

Schedule a 30-45 minute appointment with each venue. Take pictures of all the venues and write a list of questions which you would like answered during the time you are at the venue.

Venue And Your Guests

After you have visited each venue, summarise a list of all the things which worked for you and your guests. 
If you are unable to get a weekend away, ask the venue if they can provide a virtual tour for you. 

Search Virtually

With so many new house wedding venue currently experiencing lockdown, this has become one of the most efficient ways to see venues currently and a lot of venues are willing to help out however they can.

Are you searching for a Luxury wedding venue within Hertfordshire, London or the Home Counties? 

Contact us and we can help you searching for the perfect Wedding venue for you and your guests.