Wedding Postponed! Postponing Our Wedding Day Again.

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Postponed The Wedding Again!

We feel guilty about wanting to postpone the wedding again. 

We were supposed to get married in April 2020 but we postponed the wedding due to the pandemic. Originally we planned to be getting married this September, but, my partner and I both feel like we’re still getting back up on our feet after a tough year and hardships caused by the pandemic. 

Previously we sent out two save the dates from the original date and then again, we postponed it last year. I feel really silly sending out the third one saying; Wedding Postponed or just not sending them again at all.

I think I just need words of encouragement or advice because I feel like I’m letting people down and just getting in my head about it, by pushing it back again until next year. Ultimately, I know it would likely be the best decision, it’s just my ego is allowing me to feel embarrassed about it, what shall we do? 


Wedding Postponed and Embarrassed!

Don’t feel embarrassed at all! Hey ultimately it’s your day, your way, in the end, it is you and your fiancé’s decision no matter when you have your wedding the people who matter and care about you both the most will be there! 


Oops we postponed the wedding again

If you’re postponing you may need to send something; what’s in your budget and what makes you feel most comfortable. I would advise sending something funny like: 

  • Oops, we changed it again, 
  • We’re keeping you on your toes, 
  • 3rd times a charm or something like that.

Hold off on sending another Save The Date until you know for sure the new date; send it out a couple of months before the day, which gives everyone a reasonable heads up.

It’s Ok, Your Wedding Will Happen!

The past year has been crazy and no one could have predicted this. Ultimately, whatever works best for you and your fiancé should be the route you take.


Do what you know is best for you both and try to ignore the self-doubt thoughts.