I need to cancel my wedding venue contract

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Why I need to cancel my wedding venue contract

We had booked our venue for 6th November 2022. Sadly we have now split up and broken off our engagement; due to his infidelity. I contacted our venue to see if I could have a refund; deducting any admin fees etc.

They are refusing to give a refund, despite it being 18 months away from the proposed date; they are citing non-refundable as written in their terms and conditions, however, I have not signed the contract. I kept meaning to, but just never got around to it.

Is there any way I can get my deposit back?

The deposit was £2500, a lot of money for me; we have a young daughter and now I am officially a single parent money is tight and every penny counts. Stupidly, we didn’t have wedding insurance! I am really unsure of what to do, can I please have some advice?

No one ever wants to cancel their wedding, however, in this instance cancellation of your venue is the only necessary option.

It’s really sad to know venues are treating their customers in this way, by law, deposits can’t be non-refundable.

Cancel the wedding venue contract

If a company is saying a deposit cannot be refunded and they can keep your deposit, you are well within your rights to ask for a full breakdown as to why it can’t be refunded.

Customarily a venue is only allowed to keep a portion of the money that will cover their actual losses.

It’s reasonable to expect a refund

With your date being so far in advance it would be reasonable to expect your venue to give you a refund because it will be able to resell the booking.

I am sorry to hear you are going through this, good luck, keep me updated with how you get on.