Real or Fake Flowers for Wedding, How to Choose!

Ask the Planner

Which Flowers? Silk Fake Flowers or Real Fresh Flowers!

I’m strongly considering saving money using silk fake flowers at least for the bridesmaid’s bouquets, arch decor and boutonnieres, however, I am thinking, I’ll still go real flowers on the centrepieces, I don’t want to regret it but I am struggling with a decision. Help!

Silk floral arrangements are incredibly reasonably priced and depending on your supplier you can create an exact vision of real or fake flowers at your wedding in the style that you want.

Is Silk Fake Flowers Cheaper Than Real Flowers?

There is a common misconception fresh flowers are pricier than silk, this may not be the case if the fresh flowers you are opting for are in season; speak with your florist before committing to buying, hiring or making your arrangement.

Try going hybrid; some real, some silk and maybe some dried!

Some silk flowers are so ‘real to touch’ and if you ask your supplier to mix in some real filler greenery, they may not be easily identifiable as silk.

Allergic to Flowers

Some real flowers can be allergenic if this is the case for you try selecting a flower that does not cause, sneezing, itchy/teary eyes or any discomfort to you; a florist will be able to help you with a great selection of allergy-friendly options.

How to preserve your flowers

I absolutely, love flowers now my favourites are Calla Lillies and Orchids, however, when I was getting married 20 years ago, I wasn’t a big fan of fresh flowers; I opted for silk flowers; they were very real to the touch. My bridesmaids ended up keeping the bouquets and still have them today, my bridal bouquet; which I tossed, was used by my husband’s cousins fiancee as her bridal bouquet; two weeks after we got married. I had no regrets at all! Additionally, real flowers can be preserved to last forever in resin or dried; which means you don’t have to compromise on silk/fake or real…

Real or fake flowers for wedding, I’d be excited to see it all come together. Send me a pic of your final decision.